Hi Everyone!

My Name is Muhammad Usama

I am a host, web designer, and a multipassionate entreprenure

I started my professional career as a freelance website designer in 2017 when I was in 11th grade. As I love multitasking, I kept studying in college and university throughout all past years and graduated from university BS in Software Engineering in 2022. On the side, I kept working on my personal development as an entrepreneur and built a successful business called Usama Web Studios (Where we help people and businesses in designing their beautiful websites).Ā 

I always participated in extracurricular academic activities during my education and took part in English debate competitions and won many prizes which opened up ways towards becoming an interview host and finding Usama TV (Where we feature businesses, new start-ups, authors, speakers, coaches, and man more and promote them in front of a new audience).

I have worked with coaches, business owners, speakers, authors, and consultants, and helped them in making their businesses shine on the web and helped in finding the best solutions for their problems.

I love meeting amazing people and exploring their world and making new business networks around the world if you are someone like me let’s connect and explore what we are doing. To schedule, a meeting with me simply choose a time and a date from my private calender below.

Thank You šŸ™‚

Muhammad Usama

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My Projects

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At Usama Web Studios we help business owners, coaches, consutants, speakers, authors and other individuals in designingbeautiful websites for their businesses and for themselves. Click here to visit Usama Web Studios.

Pakistan Freelancing +

At Pakistan Freelancing + we help people in building their IT export business and make them able to sell their services by providing high quality training on in demand skills in the industry. Click here to visit Pakistan Freelancing +


At Usama TV we feature suceessful business owners, coaches, consutants, new start ups, authors, and speakers and promote them in front of a new audience. Click here to visit Usama TV.


What My Clients Are Saying

I have been working with Usama. He is an amazing show host. He has a very very effective interview style and he brings out actually the best in anyone who he interviews and who he showcases on his shows so if you are interested in getting your message out if you would like to be on a show if you would like to promote your business if you would like to reach large audience then you want to work with Usama because he is a library you always know he is following up on everything you’re saying you developed
together the script and you practice briefly but he’s so talented you
don’t need to practice forever and he will help you that you
can be very very good and your very very best and then he puts the
interview or your show in a very professional format and he shares
it online where you look the best you can be just check out some of our shows I love mercury so summer and I can highly recommend him!

Ulrike Berzau

Mindset and Business Health Coach

Its really simple and easy to work with Usama andĀ  celebrating your own
business and finding out more about how everyone can hear about you.Ā 

It’s a super simple process to book your time slot with him and he asked really great questions but prepares you for it so don’t worry about coming onto a call and not knowing what you’re going to be talking about so great preparation some really good easy questions and makes you feel very comfortable and I am happy to talk about your own experiences.

Rachel Letham

Success and Vision Board Coach

I just wanted to mention how much I liked being on Usama TV. He was very well prepared for the interview I was very well prepared for the interview.

Questions in advance and I understood what was needed for me and I feel like it was done with enthusiasm and great support.

I strongly recommend if you have something that you want to get out there that you do it contact Usama TV, I think you’ll be really glad you did.

Mary Hicks

TheĀ  Author of Horse Heroes

This gentleman Muhammad Usama is one of the most astute young business people I know. He has a very clear mission of how to make online television work and I am happy to be involved with his project.

I recommend to you allĀ that you take him seriously and get involved too.

Neil Jones

Mental Health Consultant

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